Wednesday, 25 September 2013

the making, the inspiration, the intent

With a low-brow attitude, a predilection for things kitschy, childish, cheap, I choose materials, colours and shapes. The process of choosing is for the most part intuitive and the making is low-tech. I am not trying to be smart or “heady” about “things”. I am interested in bodily experiences - the emotional, the sensual, the energetic. I am interested in the bodily experiences that come from making, viewing and wearing jewellery, and the affect jewellery has on its surroundings.

I struggle with the hierarchical structures that we live in and the ideas that some things, some ways, some people are better or worth more than others. By embracing the materials, the ways and personal qualities that, from a societal perspective, are considered low class, low status or simply bad taste, and by owning and being these things, be it childish, feminine, gay, intuitive, emotional, sensual, I wish to share my view and open up for a conversation with the viewer/wearer on those structures.

I pick up materials from yard sales and 2nd hand stores, plastics mostly and occasionally wood - toys and kitchenware. I cut them up into “clean” shapes and colours and puzzle them together into new combinations. I use saw, glue and file in the process of making. I enjoy simple and repetitive techniques and the intimacy that comes from the use of hand tools.

I find inspiration in the material itself. I love every visit to the 2nd hand store and the hunt for bright and colourful “scrap”. I find inspiration at the fruit and vegetable market, in the scents and shapes, in cutting and cooking the vegetables in my kitchen, and in trying new flavours and new ways of mixing them. I am inspired and fascinated by all things childish or childlike - bright coloured toys, soap bubbles, glossy stickers or “simply” a child’s inventive playfulness.

My intention is to create jewellery and objects that affect the body rather than the intellect. I want my pieces to infuse a sense of permission, that everything is allowed and without judgment. I want my pieces to create a ripple effect of bright, playful and uninhibited creations and actions in the world.

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